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About Us

Pacific Islands Health and Education Limited (PIHEL) is a Public Benevolent Institution Charity registered with the ACNC in Australia. Our Head Office is located in Queensland.

Our primary objective is to  provide Health and Education Services to proactively enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of people in need in the communities of the Pacific Islands by:

1. Providing medical centres for people in need for the relief of sickness and suffering and,

2. Providing education services to those in poverty, disadvantage or misfortune.


What We Are Doing



Our current focus is on the Northern Islands of Vanuatu based out of our Medical Clinic in Luganville on the Island of Espiritu Santo


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Please Donate


The work of Pacific Islands Health and Education Limited (PIHEL) relies on generous donations from organisations and individuals who want to help make a difference for people in significant need. Many people living in Pacific Island nations have little access to adequate health care and suffer, and in many cases die needlessly from conditions that so many of us in more developed countries can readily have successfully treated. Our main focus at this time is in the Northern Islands of Vanuatu where we partner with Medical Santo, a local Vanuatu Charity to provide a range of Medical Services through a Medical Clinic in Luganville on the Island of Espiritu Santo. Please read more about our fundraising projects by clicking "read more" in one of the boxes below.


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We Need Your Help

Please help us to deliver better outcomes for the people in need in the Pacific Islands because without your support it can't happen.  Your love and generosity will make an enormous difference to so many.



join our team

We have a number of  jobs that need to be done by the Australian Team to keep PHIEL functioning. Email us to discuss  how you might be able to help. 


The work of Medical Santo depends on volunteers. We need all forms of Medical Professionals for long and short terms as well as IT, building trades and general support volunteers.

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Our Stories

Coming Soon

We will be adding more  stories and experiences of some of our team and the many volunteers that donate their time to the people of the Pacific Islands here soon.

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