- - - - - In addition to Volunteers, PIHEL requires full time employed health and education professionals - - - - -

Employing Health and Education Professionals


Pacific Islands health and Education Limited (PIHEL) is raising funds to employ full time health professionals and teachers for work in the Pacific Islands and particularly in Vanuatu.  The positions are needed to enable us to staff medical and training facilities as they are established. 


Over the next five years we will require the funds to pay competitive salaries to professionals from all medical backgrounds; Doctors, Paramedics, Pathologists, RN’s, EEN’s, Optometrists, Dentists, Radiographers Lab Technicians, and various support staff.  The development of our Education program will require education and training staff and administrative professionals.


As well as local people we will need to employ staff from overseas who have the experience to adapt to the limitations of working in a developing country, who will respect and work with the local culture and who are able to teach and provide supervision to less experienced practitioners and to students as they progress through their training. 

Please help.