General Donation


PIHEL supports a wide variety of Charitable work focused on the Northern Islands of Vanuatu.  All this work is only made possible by the loving generosity of so many who care about the welfare of people in need.

The picture above features trained local Community Rehabilitation Workers assisting patients with their needs. The man on the right has just received his glasses made possible by a volunteer optometrist working in the Medical Santo Clinic.  These are only a couple of the many activities that require on going funding and are only possible because of your donations.  


It is also important to ensure our Charity can continue to function.  Wages for administration, insurances, travel, and office equipment  all need to be funded as well.  We assure all donors that these costs are kept to an absolute minimum with the majority of the work needed to run PIHEL being done on a volunteer basis.

When you make a General Donation, our team will allocate your funds to the area of our work that is most in need.