Medical Santo Clinic in Luganville

Central to the charity work of PIHEL is the provision and support of Medical Services to those in need in the Pacific Islands.  In Vanuatu we are providing the infrastructure and resources necessary to support the vital  services provided by the Medical Santo team.
The Medical Santo Clinic in Luganville provides the hub for the Medical work in the Northern Islands of Vanuatu.  In addition to  well equiped consulting and treatment rooms, this building houses the administration team of Medical Santo and provides some accomodation for visiting volunteers.  One of our major fund raising campaigns is to build a  Radiology and Pathology facility on this site to enable better diagnosis of serious conditions.
You can read about the history of this building in the “About” section of the website or go to the Medical Santo site for more detailed information. The use to this building is provided by Churches of Christ in Queensland.  We are most grateful for their kind generosity and continued support.



One of the treatment rooms


The standard of the treatment rooms is maintained at the highest level possible to provide the Volunteer Doctors and Nurses with the equipment and environment required to provide the best care.





Dental Treatment Room