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2022    Snapshot  

Patients Treated in Medical Santo Clinic
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Lives Impacted since opening in 2013


Medical Santo Clinic

It was through the generous support of so many that Medical Santo was able to establish the General Practice Medical Clinic in Luganville on the Island of Espiritu Santo. We need your continued support to keep it operating. Stocking the clinic with the medicines, consumables and all the equipment that is needed to provide proper care is very costly.  
The clinic employs local NiVanuatu medical and support staff whenever possible but never the less is very dependant on volunteer doctors, nurses and other medical professionals from all over the world to provide the level of care needed for the critical and chronic conditions that otherwise go untreated.
The clinic treats up to 180 patients a week and serves as the the hub for all the health work of Medical Santo in the Northern Islands of Vanuatu.  In addition to well equiped consulting and treatment rooms, this building houses the administration team and provides some accomodation for visiting volunteers.  


Remote Area Health Visits

Although those within traveling distance of Luganville can visit the clinic, remote island villagers in the northern provinces of Vanuatu have very limited access to health care. People in these communities can suffer very poor health outcomes, long term suffering and premature death due to barriers of access, transport and  lack of services. This is not just the result of serious illness, many suffer and die from complications of simple conditions that we in more developed countries can have treated so easily.
Many patients present for health care at a considerably late stage of their disease, and unfortunately for many it is too late to provide anything other than palliative care.
Medical Santo personnel along with Sanma Rural Health nurses continue to make rural health visits to these outlying communities and provide the much needed medical diagnosis, care and treatment before it is too late.