Disability Services



PIHEL is committed to the continuing development of local disability services and particularly the training and employment of local Community Based Inclusive Development workers.  We are seeking donations and applying for grants to enable this important project to continue and grow.  In Vanuatu, the training and operation of these services is being provided by the Medical Santo Team in Luganville.


Community Based Inclusive Development

 Previously called Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).


The local disability service provider network now has 4 trained and skilled people who assist with the identification of People Living with a Disability who otherwise may not have been identified. The beneficiaries now have an understanding of their rights and knowledge and ability to access available services, as well as advocate for themselves. This knowledge and experience will hopefully spread around villages and to assist others the program was not able to find.






People living with a disability are assisted with the process of obtaining mobility aids such as wheelchairs from service providers. The team has also been able to refurbish broken scooters and provide them to people in need in remote locations.