Disability and Allied Health Services

Community Based Inclusive Development

 Previously called Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).


The continuing development of local services and particularly the training and employment of local Community Based Inclusive Development workers is vital to meet the needs of people living with a disability.
We are seeking donations and applying for grants to enable this important work to continue and grow. The training of the local workers and the operation of these services is being facilitated by dedicated volunteers supported by the Medical Santo Team in Luganville.
The local disability service provider network now has 4 trained and skilled people who assist with the identification of People Living with a Disability who otherwise may not have been identified. These people now have an understanding of their rights, and the knowledge and ability to access available services, as well as advocate for themselves. 

Allied Health Services

Pharmacists, Optometrists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and many other Allied health professionals play a vital role  in sustainably improving the health outcomes for disadvantaged people. These services are mostly  provided by visiting volunteer professionals only made possible by the generous donations of our supporters. 
Thanks also to the generous provision of emergency pharmaceuticals, dressings and such  from a USA donor, and the continued financial support of many that has enabled us to purchase and send medicines from Australia, our Pharmacy has been able to maintain adequate stocks despite COVID limitations on deliveries.
Eye tests for children are a critical part of our visiting optometrist’s work. For many of these young people, their ability to learn and achieve at school is severely impacted by vision problems that are sometimes serious but often easily overcome with proper treatment. 
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