Education and Training

A big vision for a much better future.


PIHEL is committed to ensuring that better health and education outcomes for the  people of the Pacific Islands is not a short term object which is only achievable as long as we are directly providing the services with the generous support of our Volunteers.  It is  is critically important to continue and grow the work we are doing at this present time, but putting the strategy in place to ensure  long term  outcomes is vital to creating sustainability in the future.

Charity cannot replace the need for deployment and mobilisation of a country’s own human and physical resources. Never the less organisations like PIHEL and the individuals and organisations that support us also have an important role to play, especially when working in partnership with local communities and governments.  There has been a major reduction in development assistance to  poorer countries in the Pacific, which has created an urgent need  to secure funding from other sources. PIHEL is developing a  strategy which includes raising significant finance to provide the infrastructure necessary to house the education and training programs  as well as modern health services facilities. 

We must focus on the best and most innovative ways to improve the quality of education.  The professional health and medical practitioners of the future require a quality education from early in the development process. Culturally appropriate and well equiped secondary colleges and training centres which are located to give access to local communities are important. The establishment of education and training pathways to enable young people to acquire the degrees, qualifications and experience necessary to become the medical practitioners and educators of the future are also fundamental to success.

In Northern Vanuatu, PIHEL is seeking to acquire land to build a modern Education, Training and Health Facilities Campus to provide the resources necessary to equip many young and older Ni Vanuatu to follow a vocation in the Medical and allied health fields. As well as being the Education and Training hub, the campus will work in conjunction with the Provincial Hospital providing professional diagnostic and treatment services and importantly work experience and future employment opportunities.  


Strategy to ensure Long Term Outcomes is vital to creating a sustainable future.

Building the Education and Training infrastructure which provides access to the local community and establishes the best possible vocational pathways is critical.

PIHEL is seeking your help to raise the funds necessary to make this most important development happen in Northern Vanuatu.

Please email us to discuss how you might be able to help or click the donate button to give directly toward this project.