New Radiology and Pathology Facility


Pacific Islands Health and Education Limited (PIHEL) is working with Medical Santo in Vanuatu to build a new Radiology and Pathology facility on the site of their Medical Clinic in Luganville on the Island of Espiritu Santo.


We are seeking to raise the funds needed for this new building and for the X ray and  associated support equipment needed. These services will work with, and complement the Provincial Hospital and provide much needed diagnostic and treatment services in partnership with the Department of Health facilities. There are currently very limited services available to patients in the Northern Islands of Vanuatu outside of travelling 270 km to Vila, the Vanuatu capital.  


The pictures below show the type of equipment that will be installedand an architectural drawing of the proposed building. 


Santo Vanuatu 8A FRONT SKETCH


It is very important that all development is culturally and environmentally appropriate but also able to withstand the significant cyclones and earth tremors which are prevalent in the Pacific Islands.  As well as the structural requirements, buildings must be be built to accomodate the special requirements of equipment and processes required to provide professional radiology and pathology services.


PIHEL is committed to ensuring that sustainability and protection of the environment are fundamental requirements of all infrastructure development. Local trades people are employed on all projects and materials sourced locally wherever possible. All government and local authority requirements are rigorously followed and all wages and entitlements for employees are according to those set in awards and Government Regulation.